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Informaton about canine bloat:

Bloat which is also called canine gastric delation- volvulus (CGDV) is a dangerous and life-threatening condition. The stomach swells with gas and fluid, then begins to twist and traps the gas inside. This twisting will shut off the blood supply to the digestive organs and if the dog is not rushed to a veterinarian he can go into shock and die. The exact cause is unknown but certainly swallowing air while quickly eating a large meal and exercising soon after a meal are contributing factors. The condition can be detected in the initial stages when you see him in distress and pain and his stomach is taut and swollen soon after eating. The best treatment for bloat is prevention:

a. Feed your dog several smaller meals rather than one large one

b. Don’t exercise your dog for an hour after eating

c. Don’t let your dog drink excessive amounts of water all at one time

e. Don’t overfeed your dog and encourage him to eat slowly

f. If you are feeding your dog a dry food then add water to it to encourage faster digestion

All large, deep-chested dog breeds are susceptible to bloat. This includes the: Labrador retriever, Bloodhound, Bullmastiff, Doberman pinscher, Greyhound, Great Pyrenees, Great Dane, German shepherd, Irish setter and Weimaraner.

Olewo Beets


Olewo Beetroot Chips (dogs)

Vegetable as a supplement delivers precious vitamins and setting-up agents, which is good for the health. The Beetroot is not really known in the domestic animal feed. But their great skills have already been used in the middle Ages as medicament and feed supplement.

Beetroot Chips are chopped and dried very gently without any add-mixture or flavours.

Olewo Beetroot Chips – an ideal supplement for the dog
- Beetroot is a good deliverer for trace elements. It contains rich copper, iron, folic acid, chrome, manganese, zinc, selenium and vitamin B12
- folic acid and iron are good for the blood haematosis. “Folic acid makes happy” because it activates second messengers in the brain for positive sensation.
- copper, zinc, manganese and selenium build good materials against arthropathy. By allergic reactions and Skin- rather coat problems these elements are also important

110 g Beetroot contain about 1.2 kg fresh product and deliver high agent- and roughage contents.

Olewo Beetroot Chips we suggest especially:
to keep and back up the vitality of all dogs for old and in regeneration dogs for an optimum support of haematosis with breeding dogs, or after operations or infects
for overweight dogs or in a frame of a diet sheet
alimentary support for allergic dogs also as an tumour guard

Available in 1.0 kg, 2.5 kg and 7.5 kg bag.

Feeding introduction
In addition to the daily ration we advise following quantities:
Small breeds: 1 teaspoon
Midsize breeds: 1 tablespoon
Big breeds: 1 – 2 tablespoons

Advice: Beetroot can be feed dry or steeped (about 15 min.) Because steeped Beetroot is very dyeing it could happen that the mouth and the excrement are a little coloured, which is harmless.

Defensibility / Storage
Olewo Beetroot Chips should be stored dry, cool and dark. With these storage conditions they don’t lose vitamins and nutrients and last at least12 month.

Olewo Beetroot Chips are regularly controlled in their nutrient content and their quality.
Olewo Beetroot Chips contained:

moisture: 5,8 %
raw ash: 7,8 %
raw protein: 9,4 %
calcium: 0,3 %
raw fat: < 0,4 %
phosphor: 0,3 %
crude fibre: 5,0 %

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