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SG 1 Daphne vom Schonwasser  


D.O.B. March 23, 2014
AKC# DN 40572306
ED OFA Normal
DM- Clear



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Daphne is line bred 5-3 on both: V (HGH) Aische vom Kirschental  & VA1(CN) V14 Whisky vom Bierstadter Hof



V (BSZS) Zebo von der Roten Matter
Sire: VA Lennox von Regina Pacis
Dam: V Paula vom Haus Röhner
SV BSZ 2012: JKL SG 33
SV BSZ 2013: GHKL V 58, SchD 4-4
SV BSZ 2014: GHKL SchD 3-3

V Dessa vom Kirschental
​SchH 1, KKL 1


It is with great honor that Daphne vom Schonwasser has been added to the family. She is the daughter of V Dessa vom KirschentalDessa was Karl Füller's personal dog before his passing. Daphne shows the same wonderful characteristics one comes to expect from a Kirschental bred dog. 

If you are interested in learning more about the famous Kirschental Kennels in Germany click here

The line breeding of Aische vom Kirschental has great significance to me because she is line-bred on VA 3 Xitta vom Kirschental, SchH3, IPO3 FH and VA 3 Xitta vom Kirschental was the mother of a very well known Kirschental litter that produced such dogs as Vopo vom Kirschental and Valli vom Kirschental, Valli vom Kirschental was the mother of my first German Shepherd.  At the time I knew nothing about German Shepherds except that Valli had left a lasting impression on me as to how devoted and smart she was. Her son Baron was such an intelligent, quick to learn dog, that when he passed away I knew I wanted to have another dog with his bloodlines. So my research started to find such a dog, thus that was when Engelchen von Vietz came into my life. Just when I thought I had seen a smart dog in Baron I came to find that Engelchen having similar bloodlines was by far the smartest most willing to please dog I could ever come to share my life with. So Daphne has the same bloodlines that Engelchen carried in her pedigree and was added to the family. Every day that passes Daphne amazes me with her intelligence, willing to please and a character that keeps a person with either a smile or laughter. It is with much anticipation that I await to see what she produce with careful selection of a sire when the time comes. Until then her training will begin.





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